Zeilacademie Лелистад [NL]

The 'Zeilacademie' (Sailing Acadamy) in Lelystad is an initiative of Team Heiner, ROC Flevoland and Windesheim. 400 international students can study here on vocational and polytechnic level to become professionals in the sailing and other industries. The building is developed as floating structure. It can be situated at any location on the water: along a pier, a dyke, an island or on land. It is also possible to relocate the academy, even after a while being in use. The design proposes an organically shaped building with an orientation of 360 degrees. This makes it independent from the possibly changing location and the direction the wind is coming from. The educational program consists of three departments: technique, economy and water sports. They are flexibly grouped around a central atrium with an intimate and lively interior. All classrooms are oriented towards the outside and enjoy views towards the water. From the central space the wooden floor is extended into a pier structure to connect the interior with the exterior. The roof of the atrium is made of a sail which can be opened to turn the atrium into a semi-outdoor space. Next to educational facilities the program also contains approximately 800 m2 of storage space for sails and other necessities for water sports, and 40 boats. The storage is located beneath the atrium. From here the boats can be equipped with the particular material.

Client Team Heiner, ROC Flevoland and Windesheim
Program 2800 m2 gfa of which 800 m2 storage for sailing and water sports necessities
Time 2009
Role Architect