ZAC Balma-Gramont Toulouse [FR]

In the East of Toulouse, the booming capital of aircrafts industry, an ambitious 400.000 m² mixed-use program is being developed. In a 104 ha site, left vacant by shrinking agriculture and chaotic suburban growth, KCAP has designed a sustainable plan for a progressive densification including offices, industrial facilities and housing.

The urban strategy utilizes the recently opened metro line and  defines specific densities and programs, with each neighborhood carefully designed according to its existing natural qualities: topography, vegetation, hedgerows and water. A dense local street network was preferred to wide boulevards, allowing a better connection to the existing city as well as attractive bike and bus connections towards the metro station.

Each neighborhood will receive a specific building and open space program, giving it a unique character in the city: the quarter of Vidailhan is a dense and mixed urban neighborhood associated with an urban public garden, the campus of Garrigue is an office area with a large natural park, the hill of Thégra includes low density housing with reference to an 18th century castle and Montredon-Tuilerie is an intensified quarter for retail and industry. All four neighborhoods are connected by a curvy lane, the “Avenue Galiée”, which follows and highlights the hilly and diverse landscape of Balma.

Client Oppidea, Toulouse
Program 104 ha masterplan for a mixed-use eco quarter with 200.000 m2 offices, 40.000 m2 retail and 1.700 residences
Time 2006 - 2015
Role Urban planner and supervisor
Participating parties Mutabilis (landscape), Droit de Cité (architect), Dumons (engineering)