The Twins Overhoeks Амстердам [NL]

'The Twins' is a residential ensemble within the transformation of the Overhoeks area on the banks of the IJ river in Amsterdam North into a varied living and working area. It consists of two buildings around a shared courtyard and is located on a strategic location where the Docklandseweg, the Schegpark and ‘The Strip’ come together. Within the development Overhoeks, KCAP also designs 'The Grid' at the crossing of Bundlaan and Sausalitolaan.

The twin building contains 149 residences with large outdoor spaces and commercial spaces along the Docklandsweg. Conceptually, the two residential buildings have been carefully split open from bottom to top. This creates a stepped stacking of outdoor spaces around the inner garden: a rich, valley-like, green inner world in the heart of the ensemble. The stacked outdoor areas enjoy optimal orientation towards the sun and also ensure privacy. Vertical green walls form an important element in the exterior appearance and contribute to the atmosphere of a green oasis. Furthermore, they encourage residents to further extend the green space so that the image of a green valley will evolve.

Inside both buildings, a stunning circulation space with natural daylight forms a sculptural route to the individual residences. To the outside, the solid brick grid-facades with deep window openings give the ensemble a robust expression. The grid pattern creates visual unity between the two buildings that together form a distinctive block. Within the pattern, the entrances and the commercial corner at Docklandseweg are designed as special attractor points. The combination of light grey masonry brick and contrasting champagne-coloured accents result in a luxurious appearance.

Client OCO (Ontwikkelcombinatie Overhoeks, Amvest), Amsterdam
Program Twin building with 149 luxury apartments, various residential typologies, generous outdoor spaces and a three-dimensional courtyard, 97 underground parking lots and storage
Time 2017 - present
Role Architect