The Gustav Амстердам [NL]

The Gustav is situated in Amsterdam Zuidas, a prime development location lying south of the city centre and in close proximity to Schiphol Airport. It consists of two individual buildings that offer a variety of different typologies to young professionals and starters at the beginning of their housing career. Both buildings are placed on a common parking garage and are united with a semi-public green courtyard on the ground floor level.

The northern building along the more urban and business oriented Mahlerlaan comprises 96 studios as well as common spaces and a generous roof terrace for the residents to meet, work and relax. On the ground floor, a flexible open and transparent plinth functions as a link to the surrounding city life. A cafe will not only attract visitors but also form a second “living-room” for the inhabitants that can enjoy a coffee on the sunny terrace situated in the quiet courtyard. The terraced building on the southern edge of the plot combines 19 small studios on the lower levels with 29 more generous apartments on the upper floors. Private gardens, big balconies and roof terraces enrich the dwellings with additional exterior space.

Fitting to the young target group, the materialisation of the buildings is light and modern. Generous windows connect the residents to the surrounding and green exterior spaces. Both buildings are composed of continuous horizontal bands filled with structured brick panels creating one coherent ensemble.



Client Zuidschans (a collaboration of BPD and AM), Haarlem
Program 10.750 m2 including 144 apartments/studios, 490 m2 retail, 48 underground parking places
Time 2015 - 2020
Role Architect