Sungang-Qingshuihe Участок 13 Шэньчжэнь [CN]

Subunit 13 is the first pilot section for Qingshuihe. With a land area of 46.3 ha it is one of the largest subunits with comparatively many property owners involved. Currently, the area houses mainly temporal usages such as yards, parking lots and warehouses. 

To keep characteristic features such as the automobile industry, logistics as well as railways used for freights in the past, it was recommended from the overall guideline, to program a creative mixed-urban zone with the “Auto-city” concept, beginning with the ‘Taifu Autocity complex’.

The mountain located in the south part of Subunit 13 should be transformed from a barrier separating Sungung from Qingshuihe, to the mental and landscape centre of both quarters. To give the mountain and Qingshuihe in particular more meaning, we are proposing a city park bordering the north slope of the mountain.

Client Shenzhen Luohu District People’s Governmetn
Program Site area ca. 46.3 ha GFA area ca. 1,210,000 m2
Time 2012 - 2013
Role  Masterplanner
Participating parties Lay-out Planning Consultants (local design institute)