Stationspostgebouw The Hague [NL]

KCAP currently works on the urban vision for HS Kwartier, a large-scale area transformation around Hollands Spoor station in The Hague. This also includes the transformation and renovation of the monumental Stationspostgebouw (station post office). The building is of great architectural, historical and urban importance. The building strongly manifests in the station area and has an important role in the area development as the future headquarters of PostNL.

The glass elements and glazed bricks are important heritage to be preserved. From the outside, the building is timeless in its unusual design; striking and obstinate. On the inside, a working environment of the 21st century creates a vibrant atmosphere. The plinth of the building is sensitively opened up, activating the adjoining public urban space to enliven the surrounding area. The ground floor accommodates the first floor of the three-storey Community Centre with flexible office floors above. The flexible set-up enables the accommodation of a multitude of workplace concepts. Efficient layouts and smart techniques give the building a friendly appearance while making it easily adaptive to future circumstances.

A new large atrium connects the users and initiates social interaction, both vertically and horizontally, to create a pleasant central work space for connections and exchange. The large monumental skylights allow daylight to penetrate deep into the building. Additional windows are almost invisibly integrated into the facade. These interventions provide natural sunlight for a bright indoor environment that is necessary to house the future program.

The renovated Stationspostgebouw will soon have the highest achievable energy label A. By insulating the building on the inside in an almost invisible way, the monumental facade is preserved, while meeting high sustainability standards. This intervention is supported by carefully selected energy-saving measures. The building is redesigned in line with the ideologies of WELL and BREEAM. The core of the building stays intact and existing materials are re-used wherever possible. New materials are carefully selected based on existing colours, textures and materials, which are starting point for a bold and industrial interior that is both lively and warm.

Client LIFE.NL

Program 30.000 m2 building renovation and transformation of a national monument into a multifunctional office building as headquarter for PostNL with rooms to let, catering facilities, community centre and informal meeting places

Time 2018 - 2021

Role Architect and supervisor interior

Participating parties Kraaijvanger Architects (interior architect)