Kade Noord Зютфен [NL]

The residential urban block ‘Kade Noord’ is situated along the river banks of the IJssel and the marina in the urban plan Noorderhaven Zutphen of KCAP. The closed urban block is designed by the architecture offices KCAP and Zecc Architecten. The apartments along the IJssel and partly along the harbor, the courtyard landscaping and the half-sunken parking garage are designed by KCAP. Zecc Architecten designed the other dwellings in the urban block.

The design of Kade Noord refers to the starting points in the urban plan of Noorderhaven Zutphen by KCAP. The continuation of the existing ‘IJsselfront’, a prominent ensemble in the townscape of Zutphen, is an important element. The IJsselfront as a source of inspiration is especially recognizable by the modern translation of the classical tripartite division: plinth, midsection and crown.

The plinth is constructed from Belgian bluestone and is the connecting element with the dwellings designed by Zecc. Whereas Zecc applies the plinth to differentiate their design, the reference of the IJsselfront for KCAP means a translation of the vast, white facades constructed out of stucco and white painted brickwork, topped off by dynamic crowns made from slate. Each and every crown contains its own unique dwelling, along with their distinct volume and composition of their facades.

Even more then the tripartite as a reference to the IJsselfront, is the marking of the entrances. Both the entrance of the parking garage and the main entrances are marked by balconies above the high curtain walls. These balconies are constructed from a warm, bronze colored aluminum. The entire urban block Kade Noord forms a unity by applying a formation of brickwork with a warm tone, that surrounds the lush courtyard. The corner block with commercial space in the plinth is designed as a beacon in the plot: its special shape, extra height and clean stucco façade ensure the spatial anchoring in its environment.

Zutphen is a city of courtyards, but also of the IJssel river, the dyke, the Kronkelwaarden, and the fortress. The courtyard is characterized by and is inspired on these Zutphen qualities. An ‘infinite dike’ in the shape of a fortification defines both private and collective spaces and creates sufficient soil package for placing mature trees on top of the parking garage. The planting in the garden refers to a special Zupthen landscape element; vlechtheggen (braided hedges).

The informal courtyard invites you to use it in very diverse ways. No monofunctional ornamental garden but a green field that facilitates different uses. The intended use is based on the zoning from private to more collective spaces in the garden. The northern part of the garden is the most sunny. In this zone the central meeting place is created. A central place for a neighborhood barbeque, party or performance.


Client Heijmans Vastgoed
Program 21.000 m2 residential block with 116 apartments, 18 single family dwellings, and 250 m2 commercial
space of which designed by KCAP: 53 apartments and commercial space with a total of 10.000 m2, landscape
design of the courtyard, and 5.000 m2 underground parking (155 parking spaces); designed by Zecc: 63 apartments
and 18 single family dwellings
Time 2017 - present
Role Architect, landscape architect
Participating parties Zecc Architecten, Perée Bouwadvies, Nieman Raadgevende Ingenieurs