Hooikade Делфт [NL]

The four housing blocks stand on a former industrial site close to Delft’s historic centre. The blocks act as a noise barrier between the railway line and the residential area behind. The buildings consist of a basic volume of wood around which runs a 2m wide zone with balconies, winter gardens, vertical circulation and galleries. Situated at the ends of the buildings are the lift shafts and stairwells which, because of their bevelled form, dovetail with the side streets so that the gap for noise is minimal. Because the sunny side of the buildings is situated on the railway line, the balconies along the entire length of the building have been realized as winter gardens. These act as a noise barrier for the dwellings behind. The storage spaces of the dwellings are halfsunken beneath the buildings, as a result of which the dwellings on the ground floor have a split-level floor plan with a four metre high living room.



Client Vidomes, Delft
Program 140 houses and apartments
Time 1994 - 1997
Role Architect