Gare Sud Морж [CH]

Morges Gare Sud is a development for housing, offices, a hotel, retail, a school, and a train station. The project is located on the station area of Morges, on the main train line between Geneva and Lausanne. The municipality wants to combine the densification and the increasing of population with good accessibility and high living quality.
The urban intensity is expressed in contrasted sequences searching the best integration possible to the city historical urban fabric. On one hand, the railway station consists of a continuous arcade linking and giving consistence to the different programs it houses. On the other hand, a group of residential buildings defining a "city block" which open structure develops links with the city.
There is a clear difference between public spaces which provide access to public functions such as shops and offices, and private spaces such as courtyards which provide access to the houses.
The project consists of a “family of architecture”, searching a good balance between ensemble’s coherence through materialization and color on one hand and diversity through differences in height, volume and entrances on the other hand.
All together it creates an area which comes alive and will be pleasant to live and work in.

Client CFF Immobilier - Ville de Morges
48.000 m² of housing, offices, hotel, retail, school, and a train station
Time 2013 - 2014
Urban designer - Architect
Participating parties Morger Dettli Architekten, Schweingruber Zulauf Landscape Architects, EBP Civil Engineering, Raumanzug Energy