Edmonton City Centre Airport Lands Edmonton [CA]

Edmonton City Centre Airport (ECCA) Lands is designed to become one of the world’s leading sustainable communities, looking at the specific Edmonton context and focusing on the foundational building blocks of the new ECCA community by respecting the long-term sustainable viability of this community.

The masterplan concept is based on Edmonton’s monumental natural landscapes, the river and ravines and their intricate spatial intertwining with the urban fabric as inspiration. In the design, the essence of these environments will be distilled and condensed, bringing these qualities together in close proximity in an urban landscape maintaining the memory of the airport.

Through combining the natural landscapes with five diverse neighbourhoods, and a weaving of city streets across the site in a carefully designed urban ensemble a ‘city within a city’ evolves; a microcosm of the greater community of Edmonton. The five neighbourhoods have distinct identities and characteristics. Each neighborhood incorporates the history and memory of the site as well as flexibility for forward thinking 21st century design, and the necessary mix of Edmonton-centric uses that will ensure economic vitality, walkable places and a real alternative to Edmonton’s suburbs – a complete mix of old and new.

Each neighbourhood will utilize different activity magnets to serve as key attractions and destinations, not only for local residents but for the City, greater Region, and beyond.

Client City of Edmonton
Program 217 ha masterplan, including commercial, educational, cultural, community, rectional and residental functions, parks and public spaces
Time 2010 - 2011
Role Masterplanner in cooperation with Dialog, Edmonton and Vancouver
Participating parties HB Lanarc, Vancouver (sustainability), PWL Partnership, Vancouver (landscape), Carlyle & Associates, Edmonton (landscape)
Al-Terra Engineering, Edmonton (civil engineering, transportation) , MIG Inc., San Diego (ecology), Nelson Nygaard, San Francisco (transportion)