Complex Bagnolet Париж [FR]

Bagnolet is a hotel and office complex of about 54.000 m2 at the eastern edge of Paris. Situated at Bagnolet’s gateway, the 2 and 3 star hotel outstands due to its colour, materials and volume. In the backyard, the office tower of about 100 meters features an impressive silhouette facing the ring road. The sliding of the floors on one side or another of the cores, gives a strong volumetric expression to the building and offers terraces to the direction floor, meeting floor and public functions. The sliding volume of the office tower is reused in the design of the façade, whose opaque surfaces shift regularly.

For the office tower, the facades consist of horizontal stripes that alternate coloured anodized aluminium with glass and stone stripes.





Client AKERA Développement, UBM Realitätenentwicklung, Aktiengesellschaft AURIS
Program 53.100 m2 (SHON) complex with offices and two hotels of 465 and 201 rooms
Time 2012
Role Architect and urban designer
Participating parties Ateliers A115