Airport region Цюрих [CH]

The territorial masterplan Airport Region is a vision for the future development of the Zurich airport corridor between the airport and Zurich-Seebach. It repositions the Airport Region within the global, the regional and the local context through long term programming of infrastructure development and landscape qualities in relation to the expected population growth.

The masterplan focuses on the area Opfiker triangle where noise pollution, fragmentation due to the high concentration of infrastructures that pass through a topographic bottleneck and uncoordinated development between three municipalities result in lack of urban quality. Within this triangle differentiated strategies are proposed for key areas. The first strategy focuses on encouraging global openness for the business development around Priora+ that will be the first stop after the airport. The second one fosters a national and regional strength for the transformation of the industrial areas of Glattbrugg West, which is dotted with established enterprises with national radiance and airport related industry. The final intervention improves the local environment to strengthe the fragile urban spine of the Schaffhauserstrasse that connects the Opfikon Center with the Centre of Zurich South and Kloten in the North. This spine can a strong urban continuity in the otherwise fragmented urban mosaic.

The urban framework and strategy for the prioritized development of these three key areas serves the Canton, region and municipalities with the planning implementation of a coordinated, long term development until 2040.




Client Amt für Raumentwicklung, Kanton Zurich
Program 500 ha area development vision for the surroundings of Zurich airport
Time 2013
Role Urban planner
Participating parties Vogt Landscape Architects, Ernst Basler + Partner