Lukas Esper, urban planner for the city of Constance and heading the project „Hafner Development“ and Yoo Na Ho, associate partner at KCAP Architects&Planners in the lead of the urban design and masterplan of the project, have written an article for RWTH Aachen’s online magazine “planung neu denken”.

The article explores the topic of the magazine, “New Urban Quarters – Planning on Large Scale Again” looking into the “Opportunities and Challenges of a Major Urban Development in the Cultural Landscape“ presenting the large urban quarter Hafner in the City of Constance, Germany. It is the most important urban development of its kind since the settlement expansions in the 1960s and 1970s with over 3,000 potential housing units.

Against the background of the complex framework conditions and urban social discussions in a dynamic environment, the quality of the process influences the outcome thanks to an exchange between and a proper communication with all the actors involved. The urban design concept is based on the landscape conditions and, in addition to resilience, promotes the mixing of building typologies and uses around a green-blue infrastructure band with an innovative mobility concept. Gradual development of the area is possible thanks to the structure of the sub-quarters and the small-scale interventions what ensures a high quality of life.