Commissioned by developer Synchroon, KCAP designs an urban ensemble in the area Cluster 6 in Amsterdam Zuidoost. At this central location in the Bijlmer, the project marks the transition between the Anton de Komplein and the Nelson Mandelapark. The ensemble of buildings forms a link between the urbanity of the Arenapoort shopping area, the suburban restructuring of the old Bijlmer with its single-family dwellings, and the expansive greenery of Nelson Mandelapark. Synchroon, a subsidiary of TBI Holdings, and the municipality of Amsterdam have signed an exclusivity agreement for the area. For Amsterdam's municipality, Cluster 6 is the first new-build project in which care and education staff are given priority.

The project envisages a highly urban development and realisation of a residential programme of 440 residential units with various social and commercial facilities. In close cooperation with the developer and the municipality of Amsterdam, KCAP developed an urban plan that creates spatial coherence in this amorphous context. The existing sports centre will be included in a building block that connects to the adjacent block, encloses the Anton de Komplein, and provides a clear ending to the park. The design of the park periphery features greenery with a high quality of use and habitation and is designed with attention to climate-adaptive qualities.

KCAP proposes a new neigbhourhood were attractive housing, active plinths and well-studied vegetation create a healthy and happy place for the residents. The architectural elaboration is done in collaboration with Atelier van Berlo. 

Opdrachtgever Synchroon (een dochteronderneming van TBI Holdings)

Programma 440 woningen, commerciële en maatschappelijke voorzieningen, parkeerplaatsen

Stedenbouwkundige KCAP Architects&Planners

Architect KCAP Architects&Planners, Atelier van Berlo

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