The Overhoeks area along the river IJ in Amsterdam North is being transformed into a varied area for living & working. A completely new city district for Amsterdam. KCAP is responsible for developing two residential assembles The Grid and The Twins.

The Twins are made of two almost identical mirrored and interlocking buildings with stacked exterior spaces around a shared green courtyard. Vertical green walls form an essential element in the exterior appearance, contributing to an overall green oasis atmosphere. The building already reached its highest point with the concrete skeleton of the first building already finalized. The Grid is a modern translation of the luxury residential hotel from the early 19th century. An all-sided, stacked living world situated around an interior courtyard with natural stone frames with floor-to-ceiling windows. The Grid is almost ready, the construction workers are working on the interior, we cannot wait for the building to be delivered.

You can see the progress of both projects in this video

KCAP designs both projects in commission of OCO (Ontwikkelcombinatie Overhoeks, Amvest)