Three large urban development projects are changing the silhouette of St. Petersburg at the Gulf of Finland. Golden City by KCAP + Orange Architects is one of them and ‘promises to become not only a beautiful city entrance, but also an attractive and liveable quarter of St. Petersburg for residents and tourists alike’, as author Prof. Barbara Engel states in her article published in Stadtbauwelt 6-2020. That is due to the collaboration of KCAP + Orange Architects as designers together with the developer Glorax who join ambitions and forces to go for maximum quality within the local building culture. Challenging but also rewarding when it comes to the results.

Read more about the three projects featured in the article: Baltic Pearl in the south, the Lachta Center with Gazprom Tower in the north and in between the Golden City at the new port for ferries and cruise ships and how the overall sea front development of St. Petersburg is lacking a coherent concept as the author puts it.

Click here to read the article (in German) or check out the project website of Golden City.