Progress block M at Overhoeks Amsterdam

KCAP has submitted the building permit application for block M in Amsterdam’s Overhoeks development area. KCAP’s design of the twin building in commission of Amvest contains 149 residences with large outdoor spaces and commercial spaces along the Docklandsweg. Conceptually, the two residential buildings have been carefully split open from bottom to top. This creates a stepped stacking of outdoor spaces around the inner garden, a rich, valley-like, green inner world in the heart of the ensemble. Inside both buildings, a special stunning circulation space with natural daylight forms a sculptural route to the individual residences. The buildings reveal a robust solid brick grid-facades with deep openings. Next to the design work for block M, KCAP is also the architect of block A - The Grid - in the development area. A residential ensemble with stacked terraces, also commissioned by Amvest.