Launch of LabCampus Munich Airport

Munich Airport has recently launched LabCampus, a unique, future-focused project to develop a center for ideas and innovation on the grounds of the airport. “This new high-tech campus offers a blueprint for a city of the future for high-tech industries in sectors such as aviation and space technologies, in digitalization, energy and mobility,” the airport claims in their press release.

The visionary project will foster cooperation between companies and industries by bringing together leading experts, from start-ups to global players, creative minds and investors around a thriving transportation hub with links to over 260 destinations worldwide and plenty of room for real estate development.

KCAP designed the masterplan for this development together with Studio Vulkan Landschaftsarchitektur and Mlab Mobility ThinkLab. The development will comprise of half a million square meters of floor space for research and development activities across four quadrants. The first quadrant will be built at the western end of the site, with around 120,000 square meters of offices, laboratories, showrooms and facilities. The first buildings will be ready for occupancy in a little over two years. The entire quardrant is slated for completion by 2025 at the latest.

Click here for the official press release of Munich Airport.