Mobility and residential living are the main challenges facing the Frankfurt Rhine-Main metropolitan region. LIVING THE REGION – RHINE-MAIN interrelates mobility and residential living. After all, the region lives of its localities being easy to reach, and the wide range of housing available. It is defined by the way places are linked with one another. The region is highly dynamic and differs fundamentally from the ideal of an idyllic landscape.

The exhibition LIVING THE REGION - RHINE-MAIN creates future images of the region. Future images of a region that accepts its challenges, exploits its opportunities, uses new technologies and takes on an integrated development approach with exemplary projects in Germany and abroad as role models.

KCAP was invited to create one of five scenarios to showcase possible perspectives for the future of the region. With the proposal MainBand and AirportCity, KCAP re-reads the Main region and unfolds the hidden potentials. 

The exhibition can be seen until October 14th, 2018 at DAM (Deutsches Architekturmuseum) in Frankfurt.