Ruurd Gietema has been appointed by the municipality of Zaanstad as supervisor for the development of the MAAK.gebied Zuid in Zaanstad. This area is one of the four areas within Maak.Zaanstad, an initiative by the municipality of Zaanstad to create more and better homes, connections and facilities. The MAAK.gebied Zuid includes the Hembrug site, the industrial port area Achtersluispolder and the post-war district of Poelenburg. The transformation area has a prominent location along the Zaans-IJ and forms an important link between Zaanstad and Amsterdam.

The municipality of Zaanstad has the ambition to transform Achtersluispolder into an attractive, green and easily accessible neighborhood for working and living area. This offers new opportunities for the city: better connections from the South of Zaandam to the city center and benefits from a wider choice of for instance education and sports facilities. Additionally, Zaanstad is ambitioning a residential developments on large scale to which the area can contribute to.

As supervisor, Ruurd Gietema is responsible for steering on quality and the further implementation of building initiatives. In the coming period, KCAP will draw up the spatial vision for the transformation of Achtersluispolder. As a first step, KCAP has made a spatial analysis, which was presented to the councilors of the municipality of Zaanstad on February 8th. The analysis will serve as basis on contextual and urban level for further research to define future developments.

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