During the Rotterdam Architecture Month in June 2017, KCAP Architects&Planners and OMI present «Train and the City», a travelling exhibition of KCAP’s station related projects. With OMI being located in the heart of Rotterdam’s station area, the exhibition places Rotterdam in an European perspective. The exhibition takes the visitor on a journey along cities such as Brussels, Zurich, Amsterdam and London. A series of events organised in relation to the show support this approach even more. OMI is the first travel location after the exhibition has been shown at Architekturforum Zurich.

The future of the European city
Since the industrial revolution and the birth of railway transport, cities have developed rapidly around their stations and continue to do so. Today, the arrival of high speed trains, improving multimodality and new technologies, brings us to imagine and create new visions for train stations and their surroundings. Based on this current topic, KCAP has initiated «Train and the City»; an exhibition that invites you to explore a selection of KCAP’s oeuvre that deals with different aspects of station areas as a driving force for the development of European cities. Beyond the need to build dense and walkable cities around hubs, through its work KCAP considers the impact of new stations on the city, how they mutually develop and how shrinking railway infrastructure offers opportunities for urban development.

Themes & projects
The exhibition shows a large variety of projects that give an insight in the complexity of designing cities and the role of stations within city development. A catalogue of KCAP’s station related projects is combined with a presentation of seven themes such as the polycentric city and infrastructure as urban space. These themes are relevant for KCAP’s approach to urban design and for the diverse cultural and political context of our work. A comparative research on the relation between train infrastructure and city growth carried out by students from the University of Liechtenstein offers an additional historical perspective to the exhibition.

«Train and the City» KCAP | OMI, Schiekade 205 Rotterdam | June 2nd – July 15th 2017 | Monday through Saturday 10 am -7 pm | Sunday 10 am – 5 pm | www.omirotterdam.nl


Tour | Rotterdam Central District
After a short presentation of the exhibition, Ute Schneider, partner KCAP, and a special guest take the visitors on tour through Rotterdam’s central station area along projects such as Rotterdam central station, the Luchtsingel and the Hofbogen.
Saturday June 3rd | 2 pm | € 5,-

Tour | Rotterdam Maritime District
Excursion led by KCAP about their urban densification plan for Maritime District, including a visit of The Red Apple.
Saturday June 17th | 2 pm

Short Talks Long Drinks | Zurich
With Zurich as example, the correlation between the development of station areas and city development will be discussed in an evening program at OMI.
Thursday June 29 th | 8 pm | € 5,-