Design research Built Water presented

The Rotterdam Climate is changing. In the future we will be dealing with more intensive periods of precipitation and drought. If we do not anticipate, this will lead to more frequent flooding and damage to the city.

KCAP investigated, together with eight other Rotterdam based architectural firms, how an increase in the water resilience of the city could provoke quality impulses for the neighborhood at three locations in Rotterdam. How do we make Rotterdam neighborhoods climate- as well as future-proof?

Together with the BNA, the municipality of Rotterdam, water boards, housing corporations and other stakeholders, we investigated the approach of water resilience at the interface between public space and the built environment.

The aim of this research is to demonstrate the synergy between tackling water resilience and improving the socio-spatial structure of the neighborhood. Investments in technical solutions directly improve the neighborhood and benefit residents through a more integrated approach. Water as a motor for urban renewal!

The result is published in book form available at

Research participants: DJGA, Brink architectuur & stedenbouw, Personal Architecture, Broekbakema, Lex architecten, Hersbach architecten, Arconiko architecten, KCAP and O2 studio.

Research locations in Rotterdam: Bospolder, Rubroek and Lombardijen.