Team KCAP, Arcadis and OKRA selected for designing masterplan Ragheno Mechelen

Design agencies KCAP Architects&Planners, Arcadis and OKRA are selected by the city of Mechelen [BE] to draw up the masterplan of the Ragheno site. This centrally located business park will be transformed into a new, sustainable city district for living, working and recreation. The 78 hectare area is designated as a strategic project within the Spatial Structure Plan Flanders. Located near the railway station and city centre Ragheno is an important link between several urban renewal projects in Mechelen and existing neighbourhoods. The team, led by KCAP, was selected from seven other parties.

In recent years, Mechelen has become a popular environment to live, work and relax. To support this growth, the city is developing a new neighbourhood on the Ragheno site. The area is located east of the city centre, a fifteen minute bike ride from the St. Rumbold’s cathedral and in immediate vicinity of the railway station. On the property, the central workplaces of the Belgian railway company will be retained, as well as a mix of business, sports and living.

The KCAP, Arcadis and OKRA team will be working on a masterplan for the further development of the area. The plan aims to achieve higher residential densities, a concentration of offices at public transport hubs, a design of collective public spaces including a park and aims to strengthen social and programmatic mixing. In addition, the city of Mechelen aspires to be a climate-neutral, sustainable neighbourhood and will use the ‘BREEAM Area Development’ certification process.

The project includes urban research, several studies in the field of mobility, structure and design of the public space, the integration of Smart City measures and soil, water and energy studies. Furthermore, the masterplan seeks to create a balance between the needs of the city, as well as those of the land owners and current users and residents in the area.

Jeroen Dirckx, associate KCAP Rotterdam and project leader: "The city of Mechelen has a progressive vision towards its urban development. Following the upgrading of the city centre, the station project and the tangential road, the Ragheno project is the logical next step in the ambitious transformation that Mechelen, as a ‘growth city’, experiences. It is a challenging task where we can add a new type of work-live environment to the city."