Publication Party of ‘Beyond Seunsangga- 16 ideas to go beyond big plans’

Last year in March, KCAP urban planner Hyeri Park was one of the co-organisors of the 'Beyond Big Plans. Let's reinvent planning' symposium in Seoul. The international symposium with workshops and exhibition attracted various European experts. Also KCAP participated in various ways: Kees Christiaanse gave a lecture, Jeroen Dirckx moderated one of the workshops in the program and Ya-Hsin Chen was workshop participant and sub-curator of the exhibition.

The book ‘Beyond Seunsangga- 16 ideas to go beyond big plans’, recently released in Korea, is based on the event of 2015 and contains contributions of Kees Christiaanse with Yoo Na Ho, Jeroen Dirckx and Hyeri Park. 

Tomorrow, the book will be presented and discussed with various authors: Zef Hemel, Michiel Boesveld, Jeroen Dirckx, Joonwoo Kim and Vitnarea Kang. Dr. Lei Qu (TU Delft) will moderate the debate on alternatives to large-scale urban redevelopment, Joonwoo Kim and Hyeri Park will be the presentators. The discussion will provide insights into diverse paths faced by advanced Asian cities in the post fast-growth era, especially with the case of Seunsangga area in the midst of Seoul.

*place: Het Nieuwe Instituut in Rotterdam
*Time: 18:30 ~ 20:30, doors open at 18:00, program starts at 18:30
*admission: free but reservation required