KCAP, in cooperation with Zhubo Design Group, has designed the selected urban scheme for the transformation of a former industrial zone in Shenzhen's Bagualing area.

KCAP’s concept accommodates the ambition to establish a new sustainable urban regeneration epicenter and to reach a new level of economy in Shenzhen. The innovative city translated as ICITI (Intelligence-Cloud-Innovation-Technology-Internet Finance),  is the programmatic and spatial framework for the regeneration. It  gains shape in the various urban clusters and is visible in its skyline. On a city scale, the spatial structure connects the area with the existing urban fabric, its public spaces and the green surrounding. An Y-shape park as defining feature of the urban concept crosses the area to connect and create synergy for the new businesses as well as to stimulate the creation of new social communities in Bagualing.

Bagualing area has enjoyed a period of prosperity during 1980's being born as large-scale industrial park for electronics factories. However, since the mid 1990's, it has been degenerated and reformed by a fragmented variety of programs such as car repair shops, printing/publication companies, building material shops and a food street.