KCAP presents design residential building The Spot in Amersfoort

KCAP and Profund Vastgoedontwikkeling today present the design for 'The Spot' in Amersfoort; a striking residential building with forty luxury apartments and offices.

It is the location of The Spot that asked for an exceptional design. The site is located at the intersection of the main traffic routes of Amersfoort, traditionally an important meeting place for traveling salesmen. The history of the location formed the basis for the design: a striking building that marks that particular place and forms an anchor point towards the center of Amersfoort. Through the design of this project, The Spot becomes a beacon for the city and its visitors while maintaining respect for the characteristic buildings in its surroundings. The historic center of Amersfoort is treasured; the church tower of Onze Lieve Vrouwe remains the undisputed city icon. As a signifier of Amersfoort’s up and coming status, The Spot not only serves as a contemporary architectural highlight, it also directly responds to its historical context, particularly its previous function as a meeting point.

Added value for the city
Commissioned by Profund Vastgoedontwikkeling, KCAP has designed a proposal that provides added value for the whole area. Most striking is the openness of the building and the way in which it provides a green link between the city center and future Zonnehof park. As such, the building covers only 20% of the plot, whilst 80% of the space is given back to the city as public space. The aim of this approach is to provide a counterpoint to the Onze Lieve Vrouwe tower, thus referencing and drawing attention to the historical monument in all its glory.  The stacking of the apartments is designed in such a way that each side of the building provides a different view. Each of the forty apartments has a loft-like layout with a focus on spaciousness, orientation and quality achieved through double-height spaces, large balconies and panoramic views. In the heart of the building, offices are located in a large ‘city balcony’. Finally, the planting on the balconies of the apartments is designed to strengthen the green character of the plinth.