In the past months, KCAP has been working on the interdisciplinary design study 'Licht verdicht'. The study has been a common initiative of the municipality of Rotterdam with BNA Onderzoek to conduct research on the possibilities of ‘light densification’ of Rotterdam’s post-war city center, a practice that until recently rarely has been used as a strategy for urban transformation.

The site that KCAP together with IMd, Fakton and architectural historian Wijnand Galema worked on, is the research location GGD, situated in close proximity of the city center on one side and the Erasmus Bridge on the other. The plot comprises a multitude of buildings that have been constructed during different times throughout history. The diversity of the cluster asks for a variety of different interventions, each customized to the specific potential of each building. On the one hand, they pay respect to the cultural-historical value of the buildings, while on the other they offer a structurally and financially feasible solution. All interventions offer a high-quality solution for living and working: from apartments for starters and elderly to a student hotel and offices for creative companies.

The aim of the results is to stimulate the debate on the densification of post-war city centers. In the coming months the proposals from the seven participating design teams will be combined into a publication, which will be presented during an open debate at the beginning of next year.