KCAP Zurich finished the competition Ecoquartier Danube in Strasbourg, where also two Parisian offices participated. The draft prepared by KCAP, Metron, Amstein + Walthert and Pfarré Lighting Design is on one part ambitious in goals but simple in form. It provides a green and pedestrian oasis in the heart of the city, surrounded by a vivid urban envelope, composing a mixed neighborhood in form as well as in function. Centered on a square surrounded by the existing nursing home and a primary school, it opens to the surrounding neighbourhood Neudorf with two new lines of soft links crossing the main street Route du Rhin, and offers an open urban front to the canal. Responding to different situations that border the site - business and moving in the south, calm and relaxation in the north, urbanity in the West and major facilities in the East, it is a project that is both integrated and innovative for the future neighborhood. Since yesterday all three projects can be visited in a public exhibition in Strasbourg until end of November. Beginning of December the client will decide the winner.