• Living Environments

    Community building is at the heart of our approach. We design socially engaging urban districts, buildings and public spaces which aim for a more inclusive, cohesive and resilient society, where neighbours care, share and meet in collective spaces. We strive for high environmental quality and bring in our expertise in innovative typologies, ranging from inner city high-rise to affordable townhouses, hotels, elderly care and student housing.

  • Work & Innovation

    Innovation thrives in places where people with different backgrounds interact and exchange ideas. We create those places for engaging encounters and knowledge exchange through inspiring concepts for spatial organisation, layouts for a productive and healthy working environment and a vibrant mix of uses and high quality facilities. We draw from our experience across scales, from innovative office typologies and research facilities to science campuses, innovation area’s, productive cities and central business districts.

  • Transformations

    The city is never finished. Adaptation, re-use and renovation starts by understanding the value of what exists and envisioning new opportunities. Circularity and flexibility to accommodate change are the drivers in our designs for heritage conservation, monuments, casco renovations, brownfields and inner city transformations. Not only because of its reduced environmental impact, but because preserving and improving our existing cultural and built heritage is of crucial value to the identity of places.

  • Resilient Landscapes

    Landscape and ecosystem services play a vital role in healthy urban living, climate change adaptation and fostering biodiversity. An integrated whole system approach is needed to tackle the challenges we are facing today. We apply our experience with nature based solutions and sustainable water management on all scales; from communal green roof gardens to inviting public spaces, cultural landscapes, recreational parklands, flood resistant waterfronts and nature preservation areas.

  • Culture & Education

    Culture, leisure and education are at the core of peoples personal development and wellbeing. It is an integral part of our work, across all scales, from the design of neighbourhood schools to congress venues and academic campus developments. Regarding sports and leisure, our expertise ranges from local sport parks to shopping districts, stadiums and Olympic sites. For culture, we design creative districts, event centres and concert halls. With the aim to bring people together and create value for the community as a whole.

  • Connecting Places

    From the 15-minute city to the dynamics of transport in the global network economy, mobility has a defining impact on the organization of space and our daily lives. To improve the quality of urban life and environmental sustainability we promote in our projects the modal shift from predominant car use toward walking, cycling, public transport and shared mobility. We put our knowledge of transit oriented development to use in the design of station districts, airport masterplanning, terminals, logistics and mobility hubs.

  • Strategic Planning

    To successfully guide projects on a local level, a vision and strategy on the regional and city-wide level are key. Today’s challenges on climate action, mobility and the energy transition need an approach across all scales. To manage the complexity of spatial processes and to make informed decisions, we research data though GIS applications and analyse development scenario’s using computational tools. Our strategic plans set out the conditions for development and regeneration of urban and nature areas, but leave enough flexibility for adaptation to the changing local needs.