Residential Collective space Living street

Housing development as part of revitalisation of a postwar residential district

The project is part of the revitalisation of a postwar residential district in which the existing development on Koekoekstraat and Spreeuwenstraat has been replaced by 100 three-roomed dwellings (75.2 m2) in the social rental sector. Because of the low budget, the requirement of ground floor access and the criticism of existing gallery solutions, a new type of gallery flat has been chosen.

In the design, the gallery has been disengaged and widened to form a 'living street' situated three metres outside the building. The exterior terraces of the dwellings lie like bridges between t...

  • Latei, centrum voor bouwen en wonen, Amersfoort Woningcorporatie S.C.W, Amersfoort
  • 1994 - 1998
  • Completed
  • 100 apartments, social housing
  • Architecture