High-rise Vertical village Residential

Iconic high-rise ensemble as vertical green village next to Leidsche Rijn station

MARK is the centre of Leidsche Rijn and forms an iconic vertical village nearby the city's main train station. MARK stimulates healthy urban living in all its facets. Central are shared facilities and social interaction between its residents. MARK can thus be seen as a vertical village. For the more urban facilities residents can go to Leidsche Rijn Centre and the city centre of Utrecht. By providing affordable and socially inclusive housing, this high-rise development contributes to the dynamics of the city and the liveliness at ground level.

The project will include 3.500 bike parking spaces, a rooftop restaurant, a pool, a sports café, shared laundry facilities, shared guest rooms, flexible workplaces, a kitchen facility for groups...

  • Consortium Kees (Stadswaarde, Koopmans Bouwgroep, TBI and J.P. van Eesteren)
  • 2018 - Ongoing
  • Ongoing
  • Residential high-rise around a green park with three towers of 80, 100 and 140 metres and 1.128 residences in total
  • Architecture
  • Selection 1st prize
  • Lead architect: Architekten Cie.
  • Collaborator: Geurst & Schulze
  • Collaborator: Karres + Brands landscape architecture and urbanism
  • Investor 886 residences: Syntrus Achmea Real Estate & Finance
  • Energy stragegy: Dietz Strategie + Communicatie, Engie
  • Sustainability: DGMR
  • Advisor car sharing: We Drive Solar