Residential Sustainable Landscape

Green and healthy living environment in the Merwedekanaalzone

The Merwedekanaalzone is in transition from business park to a healthy, green and sustainable urban neighborhood. Within sub-area five, we shape the Rotor S location. Here a lively area emerges consisting of a mix of facilities and functions. The urban planning basis of the plan consists of open city blocks. A continuous green ground level brings the Merwedepark into the neighbourhood. Herewith we create a plan that is easily accessible, open and inviting. Trees, green facades and a roof landscape also gives nature experience on the higher layers.

The city blocks are composed of several buildings and have an articulated volumatic structure. This creates a fine-meshed structure that introduces the human dimension and scale. In height, we r...

  • AM, Synchroon
  • 2017 - Ongoing
  • Ongoing
  • 140.000 m2 1.000 residences, 12.000 m2 other functions, primary school, health centre, retail, co-working spaces, 700 parking spaces
  • Architecture
  • Urban Design
  • Eigenarencollectief Merwede
  • marco.broekman
  • OKRA landscape architects