Residential Tower Landmark

Residential tower for the new neighbourhood ‘Strasbourg, Presqu’île – Citadelle’

The residential tower ‘Emergence’ will be the first and most symbolic building of the new neighbourhood ‘Strasbourg, Presqu’île – Citadelle’, a masterplan by Agence TER and 51N4E. With its 57 m height, the tower will become a landmark for the area located between the city center of Strasbourg and the river Rhine.

Within this new dense, but low-rise neighbourhood with building heights ranging from three to five levels, the tower will be the only high-rise building. Not only will it be overlooking the area...

  • SAS-3B, Strasbourg
  • 2017 - Building permit
  • Building Permit
  • 4.900 m2 Residential tower with 73 apartments, four different typologies (townhouses, apartments with terraces, panoramic apartments and duplexes) and shared functions on 18 storeys
  • Architecture
  • Collaborator: OSLO architectes, Strasbourg
  • Structural engineering: CTE ingénierie
  • Sustainability: Solares bauen
  • Cost planning: Economie 2