Community Sustainability High-rise

Residential tower and part of the development of Antwerpen Nieuw Zuid

Zuiderzicht is a residential tower and part of the development of 'Antwerpen Nieuw Zuid', a new residential area next to the Scheldt in the southern parts of Antwerp. The 21.082 m2 building consists of five layers at its base, including a B&B hotel with 108 rooms and a 26-storey tower with 134 dwellings. The concept for Zuiderzicht is characterized by a wide variety of housing typologies for different target groups: young families, seniors, co-housers, singles, and working couples. KCAP received the assignment together with evr-achitecten by client Triple Living after an architectural competition in 2015.

  • Triple Living NV
  • 2014 - 2021
  • Completed
  • 21.082 m2 Housing tower with 141 apartments, 3.046 m2 hotel, 515 m2 shared functions and 125 underground parking spaces
  • Architecture
  • Photography: Stijn Bollaert
  • Photography: Sarah Blee
  • Architect: evr-architecten
  • Cost advisor and site supervision: Bureau Bouwtechniek
  • Stability: Establis
  • EPB, technology: CES
  • © Stijn Bollaert
    Antwerp Nieuw Zuid Masterplan © by Studio Associato Secchi Vigano

    The new residential tower Zuiderzicht by KCAP in cooperation with evr-Architecten and assisted by Bureau Bouwtechniek for technical development and implementation is part of Antwerp's new residential area Nieuw Zuid. The site's position is strategic: while close to the River with green public spaces designed by Bas Smets, you are only three minutes from Antwerp's center. 

    The development is based on a masterplan by Italian firm Studio Associates Secchi-Viganò from 2011. The masterplan established some main strategies to create a green, attractive and vital city district by the water with a tailor-made traffic structure for a sustainable living environment with a flexible development strategy. All these aspects have been taken into account during the design process.

  • © Stijn Bollaert
  • With its exceptional location on the neighbourhood park, the 80 m high building appears as a new icon for Antwerp South. The bright colour and open appearance fit in with Antwerp's tradition of white, layered, tectonic towers, like the OLV Cathedral, Farmers' Tower, Police Tower, BP Tower, Crowne Plaza, just to name a few. 

    The iconic double facade of the building creates additional space. That is possible because the insulated outer shell is surrounded by another structure, designed as a sophisticated double-height grid of white concrete. Between the outer shell and the grid of the façade, an intermediate space offers room for terraces, voids, and winter gardens. The latter are designed as pleasant, fully glazed extensions of the living spaces that need no heating and allow to enjoy the extra surface area, light, and beautiful views of Antwerp, the River, and the surrounding countryside.

    The staggered tower volume introduces spacious elevated terraces while setbacks on ground level provide gardens to the residential units facing the park. A double-height passage in the plinth, crossing through the building, allows residents of the neighbourhood and visitors to stroll through the building. It connects the square in front of Leon Stynenstraat and the path with the playground on the other side of the building. The solution provides a meeting place for residents or small events and becomes a catalyst for community building. In combination with the project's integral accessibility, the typological variety of dwellings, and the lively plinth, in addition to the hotel, enhances diversity and togetherness.

  • © Stijn Bollaert

    In line with the masterplan, Zuiderzicht tries to limit its environmental footprint. The applied sustainability concept started with wind and insolation studies. Consequently, the design resulted in a compact, energy-efficient, and -productive volume according to the passive house standard. It comes with super-insulation that implies consistent use of triple glazing and high-efficiency ventilation systems. The building's own heat plant generates the heat that is still needed with a heat network for the entire Nieuw Zuid district. Other technical elements enhancing the environmental performance of Zuiderzicht are green roofs, solar panels, and an integrated system for gray water recovery. 

    Living in the city is a smart choice for mobility, so the project pays much attention to soft traffic. That is why we integrated the ground floor passage through the building, the logical circulation patterns, extensive bicycle storage, and bicycle lift into the design to make it easy to live a healthy and better life.