Industrial Waterfront Transformation

Transformation of a former harbour area into a lively residential neighbourhood

Cruquiuseiland in the Eastern port of Amsterdam will transform from an industrial area into a mixed urban quarter for living and working. KCAP designed the southeast part of the peninsula that is located on the border between the Amsterdam-Rijnkanaal and the Nieuwe Vaart.

The contour of the plot is ideally suited for a fan-shaped urban layout with buildings in linear sequences opening up towards the waterfront. The spaces between those strips enhance the nautical...

  • AM (Cruquiuswerf), Amvest (Berkhout)
  • 2015 - 2021
  • Completed
  • 48.750 m2 415 residential units, various work and commercial spaces and underground parking
  • Architecture
  • Urban Design
  • Landscape Architecture
  • (c) AM

    The spatial structure of the Cruquius area is characterised by a framework of public streets and a continuous quay along the Amsterdam-Rijnkanaal. Within this framework we distinguish two large collective gardens with each its own sunny neighbourhood square, providing space for meeting, sharing and socializing. Large industrial pavers refer to the industrial history of the site and create a network of paths and squares that run trough the softly undulating and lushly planted gardens. An internal route, that is supported by special planting and a sequence of folly-like objects, connects the two main squares. The existing steel crane on site  is preserved and reprogrammed into an industrial icon for the future.

    The green spaces and the flexible building structures allow for a sustainable development with special attention to social sustainability. The differentiation of housing types, spaces for working and facilities promote interaction between the buildings and the surroundings to create a safe and pleasant living environment. These elements encourage social cohesion in the area and create an inclusive neighbourhood for and by residents, users and visitors.

    The most important aspect of Cruquiuswerf is that we want to create new neighbourhoods where people can live comfortably. Where a small community is created of residents who live and work together and thus also take care of their environment.'
    Irma van Oort, Partner KCAP
  • A high-quality home is the basis from which we work. This has also been taken as an important starting point at Cruquiuswerf. For example, we took into account a lot of light and a good orientation of the apartment. But chance encounters with neighbors are also made possible by the location of the front door. In Cruquiuswerf this is immediately followed by the perfect relationship between the buildings, the green courtyard (between the buildings), the water and the environment. In this way, residents will soon feel completely at home here. 

    Cruquiuswerf will be a very diverse area with many different apartments for just as many different people. In this way we create a lively residential area where there is activity and buzz 24/7. And green: public green, but also small private gardens, balconies and roof terraces.