Landmark Sustainability Tower

Iconic architecture for a new neighbourhood

In 2022, KCAP won the international competition for Altiplano, an iconic complex for living and working in ZAC Aerospace, a new neighbourhood on the edge of Toulouse, designed by David Mangin from Agence Seura. The design comprises a high-rise with co-living apartments and a lower volume with offices and co-working spaces, connected by a 25 meter wide arch. This arch serves as the visual completion of a historical runway, the Piste des Géants, which is being transformed into a linear urban forest. The complex’s facade will be constructed in lightweight wood, an explicit wish of both client Linkcity and KCAP. The result is a sustainable landmark that fits the location, a symbol for the city’s history as a place for innovation.

Toulouse is an important centre for aviation, research and education; the city is home to Airbus and a number of major universities, and wants, to expand. The municipality has earm...

  • Linkcity
  • 2022 - Ongoing
  • Ongoing
  • 18266 m², co-living and share spaces, offices and retail
  • Architecture
  • Renders: Lotoarchilab
  • Architect: KCAP
  • Local architect: V2SArchitectes
  • Landscape architect: Woodstock
  • Structure: TERRELL
  • Mechanics: BETEM
  • Acoustic: GAMBA
  • Sustainability: ELAN
  • Safety and regulations: VERITAS
  • Project management: Bouygues Bâtiment