Airport Transformation Masterplan

Strategic masterplan for the redevelopment of the Tours Val de Loire Airport sector

The 700 ha masterplan for the area around Tours Val de Loire Airport on an inter-communal site surrounding the airport - which serves as a passenger hub and until 2021 also as a military base - follows the transfer of aeronautical activities from the base and the return of 200 ha of military land to the community. This land offers Tours Métropole the opportunity to rethink the entire airport area, and to include it in the urban renewal process underway in the north-east of the city. The masterplan addresses a number of issues currently affecting the area. It proposes forms of urban development that accommodate a more natural use of land, aims to transform monofunctional industrial sites, wants to shed new light on mobility at the edges of the urban fabric, and looks to enhance the ecological continuity and biodiversity.

Tours Nord is characterised by the juxtaposition of large monofunctional, economic, commercial and residential areas and infrastructural divisions, typical features of 20th-century planning. A n...

  • Tours Métropole
  • 2021 - Ongoing
  • Ongoing
  • 700 ha Strategic masterplan for the redevelopment of the Tours Val de Loire Airport sector
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  • Visualisations: Filippo Bolognese Images
  • Drawings: Lafayette
  • Leading urban designer: Lafayette
  • Consultant urban design: KCAP
  • Landscape architect: Etablissement
  • Environmental engineering: Elioth
  • Mobility and transport planning: Mint
  • Infrastructure engineering: Suez
  • Real estate strategy: Ville en Œuvre
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