Residential Redevelopment Wharf

Groningen's Eemskanaal redesigned as a green wharf

The double position ‘between’ the city centre of Groningen and large waters gives Stadshavens a special location where urbanity, expansiveness, water and greenery unite in one area. With the development of the Stadshavens into an urban residential and working area creates the first stepping stone of the city center towards Meerstad.

The spatial framework for the Stadshavens creates cohesion in the fragmented green and water structure and transforms it into a coherent green urban space. Residual spaces acquire meaning and tu...

  • VanWonen, Volker Wessels Vastgoed, Nijestee, Lefier, Municipality of Groningen
  • 2018 - Ongoing
  • Ongoing
  • 2.400 houses, 30.000 m2 amenities, diverse public spaces
  • Urban Design
  • Landscape Architecture