Urban Villas in European Quarter Tyumen [RU]

The Urban Villas are essential elements of the masterplan designed by KCAP for the Russian developer Brusnika for the European Quarter in Tyumen, a city in Western Siberia. It is a new modern city block with different housing segments on the right bank of the Tura River. The core element of the design proposal is the idea of an urban carpet that interweaves the City Gardens site with its surroundings and creates an attractive and diverse living experience. Two main typologies define the character of European Quarter residential environment: multi-storey residential buildings forming a fixed perimeter and urban villas within the green inner courtyards, which also house pavilions with the day-care centre.

The urban villas represent a novelty in Russian housing development. The five freestanding buildings are only five-six stories high, lower than the usual local housing typology where height is still considered a synonym of high-density. During the masterplan design in 2014, KCAP integrated that new building category without renouncing at density achieved by highly efficient, diversified yet standardised floor plans of the apartments, from small apartments to duplexes. In some villas, the duplexes on the ground floor have, next to the small private garden, direct entrances from the outside, opening up to the inner courtyards' semi-public green space. There are also different kind of top floor apartments, some of them with private roof terraces.

The urban villas offer three different designs. The Villa A type comes with a white frame around every window, and the ground floor has a different color than the upper part. Villa B is characterized by high sculptural plasticity with protruding bay windows and balconies, while Villa C presents itself with an elegant brick grid facade. By changing the façade materials and colors, these three types become a collection of 7 different buildings. The architectural ensemble enriches the green recreational promenade with its bright warm color palette inside the new urban block. The Urban Villas of the European Quarter show the possibilities to create diversity from unification in a sophisticated way forming a unique experience for the users and a new relationship with the urban landscape. It is one of the first urban-villa ensembles, currently under construction in Russia, representing the new upcoming housing typology in the country.

The high degree of standardization and efficiency of the building has also a positive impact on the project's economic and environmental aspects, as evidenced by the receipt of the BREEAM Excellent Interim Certification in accordance with the standard BREEAM International New Construction 2016, Residential for Urban Villa 17 (Villa type C).


Client Brusnika, Tyumen
Program 7 ha masterplan with 100.000 m2 housing (1.800 dwellings), commercial program and daycare
Time 2014 - present
Role Urban planner, architect
Certificate BREEAM Excellent 
Images Brusnika & Vitaliy Dulger, KCAP