The Grand Projet

Urban Megaprojects – here referred to as Grands Projets – are increasing in number all over the world. They have become major drivers for urban intensification and manifestations of the larger economic and political agenda of their city. As such, Grands Projets offer a productive moment to investigate current urban trends in a globally connected form of concentrated urbanisation.

This book looks into the adaptive and inclusive capacities that urban megaprojects can offer to shape the future of our cities. Featuring eight unique case studies: Marunouchi Tokyo, Lujiazui Shanghai, West Kowloon Hong Kong, Marina Bay Singapore, HafenCity Hamburg, La Défense Paris, 22@ Barcelona and King’s Cross London, the book provides a new and comprehensive reading of selected urban megaprojects in Asia and Europe, and a comparative view of key aspects regarding their role in contemporary urban developments.

The text draws from the perspective of a broad range of stakeholders involved in the making of Grands Projets. With a focus of the spatial practices, our findings aim to not only broaden the scholarship of urban megaprojects but also to provide applicable insights for planners, managers, policymakers and other urban actors.

The book was published by the Singapore ETH Centre, Future Cities Laboratory, by a team lead by Kees Christiaanse, Anna Gasco, Naomi C. Hanakata.

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Publisher nai010 publishers, Rotterdam
Program Studies of 8 urban megaprojects around the world
Time 2019
Editors Kees Christiaanse, Anna Gasco, Naomi C. Hanakata
Contributors Ying Zhou, Pablo Acebillo, Dissa Raras Pidanti