Sugar Factory Moskou [RU]

Sugar Factory is a residential development in the centre of Moscow. Surrounded by such attractors as Moscow City and International Exhibition Centre, it holds a latent potential for joining the city vista. A former industrial area, it is being transformed into a truly, yet recognizable residential neighbourhood, while maintaining key elements of its history.

A safe car free & high-end district is created, in which the street level is shared by local cars, inhabitants and visitors, thus connecting the natural east side with urban west side.

The majority of parking is organized underground on top of which, within the footprints of the buildings, amenities and services can be found.

The built mass is organized in such a way that the number of floors declines towards South-East and opens the view towards city centre and Moscow River. A concept of terraced roofs results in a new local urban topography. Elevated urban villas with the spectacular gardens create an outdoor space which leaves the hectic of urban live on the streets below and opens towards the peace and calm of the sky.


Sugar Factory Moscou [RU]
Opdrachtgever Development Solutions namens PIK Group of Companies, Moskou
Programma Woningbouwproject met buurtfaciliteiten, parkeren, winkels en horeca
Tijd 2011-2014
Rol Masterplanner en architect