Naas Road Development Framework South Dublin [IE]

The study area has an unusual position – on one hand it is along a crucial access road to Dublin centre, on the other hand it is pivotal in terms transport accessibility, but relatively remote from the political focus of South Dublin County Council. South Dublin is the district the main parts of the area belong to, yet being part of a loosely defined edge condition to Dublin city. The study area straddles what might elsewhere have been a spatial and administrate boundary - Dublin’s orbital M50. The study attempts to rationalise this contradictory location and propose new identities and ‘place’ the area.

The Naas Road Development Framework is a flexible, long-term plan that has the ability to respond to change over time and covers a ranges of issues, topics and scales. One of the key purposes of the Naas Road Development Framework is to set out strategic objectives and priorities as guiding principles to inform inter alia land use, structure, activity and spatial quality. Fundamental to the Development Framework is the aspiration to establish a dynamic, well-served, well-connected and creative place to live, work and enjoy.

Client SDCC South Dublin County Council Program Development Framework as blueprint for development of high quality mixed use environment of the Naas Road corridor
Time 2008 – 2009
Role Urban designer
Participating parties MCGNIE McGarry Ni Eanaigh architects (partner urban planner), Dublin IE; JMP consultants (traffic consultant), London UK; Beyond Green (consultant sustainable developments), London UK