China Media Park Qingdao [CN]

The China Media Park in Qingdao is an urban creative cluster for the advertising, media, film and communication indus­tries. The 30 ha site is located in Qingdao’s Chengyang dis­trict, strategically located near the Qingdao airport.

The design connects a wide variety of different places, programs and conditions surrounding the site. Many existing centrali­ties in the vicinity of the site are currently disconnected neighbors and by becoming an integral element of its surroundings, or even more, a driver of the urban regeneration, the project will equally contribute to the evaluation of its success and determine the project’s future. The proposal helps to (re)activate and connect all the assets from its vi­cinity into a functional and high quality urban space, able to become a recognizable destination in Qingdao.

Opdrachtgever Vanke Beijing Regional Office - Qingdao Advertising Indus­trial Park Development Co., Ltd.
Programma 30 ha masterplan voor een "creative park" met voorzieningen, woningen, kantoren en retail, eerste fase architectuur  met 58.000 m2 en 9 gebouwen waarvan een het Selling Center
Tijd 2012 - 2014
Rol Masterplanner, architect