Shortlisted for Xiangyang New District Urban Planning Competition

KCAP is one of the five shortlisted design teams out of 84 for the international competition of Xiangyang New District Urban Planning and Design in Hubei Province, China.

Xiangyang, characterised by the Han River, Yangtze River’s substream, has around 2800 years of history since the Sanguo Dynasty. The water has nurtured the rich agricultural landscape and the development of Xiangyang City. Nowadays, Xiangyang is also well-known for its car industry and is - with over 5 Mio inhabitants - a sub-center city of Hubei Province in Central China.  

The competition site, Panggong District, is one of the four districts centered around the green heart of Xiangyang. Here you can find the true spirit of the city: the ancient town, Xian Mountain, the continuous riverside view, and farmland ready for the transformation into a livable, sustainable, and modern city center.    

On September 23, there was a kick-off meeting and a site survey trip in Xiangyang, where Xiangyang’s Natural Resources and Planning Bureau has detailed on-site explanations about the current situation and the planning of Pangong district to the design agencies. The deputy director of the Municipal Bureau of Natural Resources and Planning expressed the wish to make Panggong the new model for future city development where ancient culture, valuable landscape, and natural resources are well integrated.

The challenge for the selected design teams is huge: How to redefine the identity of the future Panggong District as the new and green engine for the whole Xiangyang City? How to set the benchmark for the future new city in the in the middle region of China?

Our multidisciplinary team is honoured to work on this exciting task and deliver the design by early December 2021. To learn more check the video interview (CN) by Xianyang News with KCAP associate partner Ya-Hsin Chen.

Xiangyang Municipal People's Government,
Xiangyang Natural Resources and Planning Bureau, 
Hanjiang Guotou Group Co., Ltd.


Photograph: Xiangyang Natural Resources and Planning Bureau