Irma van Oort in the publication Hoogbouw in Nederland 2020

Irma van Oort, partner, and architect at KCAP, has been published in “Hoogbouw in Nederland 2020”, a publication dedicated to high-rise buildings in the Netherlands 2020, edited by Stichting Hoogbouw, the Dutch High-rise Foundation.

More than ever, high-rise buildings are gaining importance. The rising demand for urban living is forcing urban planners and architects to think creatively about our inner cities' densification. That is where it comes to residential high-rise buildings. That solution brings new challenges for municipalities and planners alike because it is about height and density and the conditions at street levels, such as heat stress, sunspots, and compensatory greenery. These conditions are essential to foster the sustainability and healthy growth of our cities.

In this context, Irma van Oort presents the project KCAP is working on in The Hague, in the Laakhaven area. Near the Holland Spoor, or HS Kwartier, she leads the transformation of the national monument, and KCAP is building two towers next to the ROC Mondiaan .

Until recently, Laakhavens was the back end of the city, focused on Harbour industry and infrastructure. Thanks to KCAP's flexible approach to the design process together with the municipality and current owners and users of the HS Quarter it has been developed an integral area vision to maximise the potential of this strategic location within the high-rise vision of the city: the eyeline skyline

With the new design and a balanced program concept offering a mix of living, working, commercial and social facilities, the area will become a new place-to-be. Its excellent accessibility by public transport and the proximity of the Haagse Hogeschool make it an attractive location for knowledge-related and innovative activities, such as start-ups, as well as for student housing. The Waldorp street will be a green area, an urban destination instead of a car-crowded road to cross the city.

Irma underlines the architect's role, similar to the director of a film, where many aspects have to be taken into account. "A design never stands alone but reflects its surroundings and is an important part of the transition to a sustainable, future-proof city."

Find the article (in Dutch) here.