Open Fields City, winning proposal for Bucheon Daejang New Town

KCAP, in a team with DA GROUP Urban Design & Architecture Co. Ltd., won the international competition for one of the 3rd Generation of New Towns: Bucheon Daejang New Town in Seoul Metropolitan region, South Korea. 

The South Korean Government has been striving for providing affordable housing, including the efforts to announce the 3rd new town project in the Seoul Metropolitan Region. Daejang Bucheon New Town area is one of the selected urban fringes near to Gimpo Airport. This area is characterized as Gimpo Great Plain, which is used for flat farmlands, thereby marginalized as the city's edge. This area is located next to the Domestic Airport as well as amongst Seoul Metropolitan City, Bucheon Urban center, and Incheon City. It has great potential to become an "Airport City" to connect those three urban pillars.

The proposal "Open Fields City” stands for its original gene of "plain" to create new urban quarters characterized by "fields" with openness. Especially here is already enough water to make a "water city" with various gestures towards different water environment typologies. The water environment and landscape space create a balanced and practical layout, all close to the economic zones. A solution to provide easier commuting for the inhabitants and to create closer contact to nature.

Associate partner of KCAP, Hyeri Park stressed especially Un-tact but also Hyper-tact urban environment in this proposal: “We proposed a special infrastructure system with a contactless automatic delivery service based on underground pipe networks. We opted for porous housing typologies that help the circulation of fresh air and foster the green in the stacked building to cope with COVID and climate change related aspects, we recently have to face together”. These solutions were appreciated by the Judging Panel, lead by Sang-dae Lee, who wrote in the Jury comments: "We also thought highly of the participant's efforts to incorporate a post-COVID-19 world in the concept plan for the "first village" and to connect residential areas centering around schools."


Project partners: DA GROUP Urban Design & Architecture Co. Ltd., KCAP

Location: Daejang-doing area, Bucheon City, Gyounggi-do, South Korea

Size: 343 ha

Program : 20,000 housing units including working sectors with mix-used programs

Visualizations: DA Group + KCAP