KCAP Participates in Exhibition 'Reimagining Singapore’s Industrial Landscape’

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KCAP's competition entry for a project in Singapore, is currently on view at the exhibition ‘Reimagining Singapore’s Industrial Landscape’. The exhibition runs from 15 September to 20 October 2023 at the Singapore City Gallery, and is an initiative of JTC Corporation; the local authority tasked with developing industrial infrastructure that 'supports the growth of new industries and enterprises in Singapore'. KCAP was one of four teams invited to take part in a competition for the Kallang-Kolam Ayer Industrial Estate, an area in central Singapore that is home to high-density industrial and business activities. Our design, created in collaboration with Henning Larsen and Scott Brownrigg, sought to transform the estate into a high-density industrial hub with low-noise, low-emission logistics. This was to be achieved by creating a clustered environment where spaces for living, working, and entertainment could all adapt and synergise, together with a reactivated ground floor level that seamlessly integrated the project, with adjacent residential communities.

The exhibition coincides with the 'Archifest Singapore 2023' festival, which runs from 29 September to 28 October 2023, and is organised by the Singapore Institute of Architects.

Exhibition dates: 25 September to 20 October 2023
Location: Singapore City Gallery, 45 Maxwell Road

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