Frank Werner Attends Internationales Planertreffen in Visp

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This year's Internationales Planertreffen brought together delegations from the Netherlands, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Austria, and Germany in Visp, Switzerland. Held at the historic Leuk Castle, renovated by Mario Botta, the conference focused on 'Landscapes in Transition' discussing future approaches to managing and transforming urban landscapes. The event fosters collaboration among professionals to address challenges posed by rapid urbanization, societal and climate change.

As a member of the Dutch delegation, KCAP's Director, Frank Werner, emphasized the importance of creating resilient landscapes with a cohesive green-blue infrastructure that integrates and intensifies natural assets. The goal is to minimize environmental footprints, foster biodiversity, and implement nature-based solutions and sustainable water management at various scales.

States Werner: An integrated approach is essential to address today's challenges, promoting healthy urban living, climate change adaptation, and the preservation of cultural landscapes. Like KCAP's Waalhoven project in Nijmegen, The Netherlands. This integrated urban development showcases collective courtyard buildings, a car-free and climate-proof district, with a strong focus on sustainability and community-building principles.'

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