Finissage: Perspektiven für den Wiener Rand

//ädtebau Tu Wien_Finissage Perspektiven für den Wiener Rand_(c)Dominic Lichtenberger.jpg
Car dealerships, gravel pits, distribution centres, landfill sites and highway junctions. They are all part of an urban periphery whose borders are very blurry. These places are the theme of the exhibition Zwischenstand der Zwischenstadt, now on view in Vienna after being on display in Munich earlier this year.

A cross-university research and reflection group consisting of professors and chairs from the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar, University of Luxembourg, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), Vienna University of Technology and the Technical University of Munich worked on this topic from their different positions and perspectives over a period of two semesters. You can view the results in the form of essays, guest contributions and student projects.

On May 4th, our partner Ute M. A. Schneider will be present at the Finissage, to wrap up the exhibition. Key planners and players of Vienna will discuss perspectives on how to develop its periphery in the future. Will it focus on urban expansion or soil protection? Will a green belt be created or nature conservation play a big role? Join us to find out more!

Details: 4th of May, starting at 19:00, Wiener Planungswerkstatt, Vienna
Image: Städtebau Tu Wien, photographed by Dominic Lichtenberger