What Does it Take to Avoid Gentrification?

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How to create an area where local and global meet, while maintaining an area's roughness? How to integrate and protect a much-cherished ecosystem for experimental, grassroots organizations in an area development, whilst adding a significant amount of new dwellings, offices and spaces for work and leisure? That’s what we’re planning for Schiekadeblok Rotterdam and what was a main theme at the #Manifestival debate that we participated in last weekend. Our partner Ruurd Gietema highlighted the foundational aspects of our urban plan in a short presentation. This was followed by lively discussions with local stakeholders and representatives from the municipality. All parties agreed that it was important to protect the dynamic community while attracting new collaborators. One way to regulate this would be by appointing a curator, from within or outside the community, which could also motivate certain parties to enter or move on at the right time.

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